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All of our meat is free range and grass fed, sourced from the fine pastures surrounding the Breakout River abattoirs and also through the Murray Valley region.

All of our tender, 3 week dry aged beef, succulent lamb and juicy pork, have low mileage to the abattoirs and free range life and gentle handling. This ensures prime quality from the paddock to your plate.

All meat is cut fresh when you order and we are so proud of what we do we offer a money back guarantee on everything we sell.

Jordo's Chop Shop, Canberra's Online Butcher


Uriarra deliveries - 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, Royalla 2nd and 4th Tuesday. These deliveries will be leaving the shop at 5.30 pm.

NOW 11 DELIVERY RUNS PER WEEK - Now delivering Monday to Saturday more info

Weekly Specials:

Grass-fed Beef Italian Scotch Fillet

Was: $36.99/kg
Now: $22.99/kg

Our most popular marinated steak! Tender grass-fed scotch in our special sweet Italian marinade.

Tip: Cook on a smoking hot grill for 8 minutes each side.

Size: Average steak is 250-325gm.

Jordo's Old Family Recipe Tomato Beef Casserole

Was: $13.99/kg
Now: $9.99/kg

Ready to cook. Contains beef, carrot, onion, potato and Jordo's old family recipe casserole secret ingredients. TOP 5 - WINTER BEST SELLERS

Great for slow cookers, stock pot (stove) or casserole dish. Gluten-free.

Cooking guide - Add one cup of water or red wine per kg, bring to boil then turn down and simmer for 2+ hours.

Jordo's tip - Feel free to throw anything else you have left over in the fridge into the mix, that's the beauty of winter cooking. A hand full of extra sliced olives also goes very well.

Chicken Mignon With Smokehouse Bacon & Garlic Butter - Gluten-free

Was: $18.99/kg
Now: $12.99/kg

Lovingly hand made with low salt garlic butter infused with parsley on top, our famous real smokehouse bacon wrapped around a juicy thigh fillet. Our favourite part is when the garlic butter melts through the chicken and bacon.

Cooking guide: 35 - 40 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 180°c.

Weight: each mignon weighs approx 200-250gm

Lamb Honey Chops - Gluten Free

Was: $18.99/kg
Now: $12.99/kg

Australian Murray Valley gold lamb. BUY BULK AND SAVE!

Premium lamb chops in rich honey marinade. Great on the BBQ and popular with the whole family, especially the kids.

Lamb Loin Chops

Was: $22.99/kg
Now: $14.99/kg

Australian Murray Valley gold lamb.

Lamb loin chops are the top of the range lamb chop. We cut them the old fashioned way, trimmed with a meaty curly tail.

Also available: BONELESS LAMB LOIN.

Grass-fed Chuck Steak

Was: $13.99/kg
Now: $9.99/kg

Swan Hill dry-aged fresh body beef. Average steak weight is 350-450g. See below for free dicing options.

Cooking with chuck steak - Chuck is best slow cooked. This breaks down the connective tissue which tenderises the meat and creates the gravy for your casserole. It has a great flavour that is unique from other similar cuts like Gravy Beef and Shin and when cooked right has a texture that feels more tender and juicy to chew than other braising steaks.

A Chop Shop favourite recipe - Guinness Stew / Pies -
Lightly coat 2kg of diced chuck with flour, salt and pepper then brown using tablespoons of olive oil (chilli infused if you have some) in a stock pot. Add 2 diced onions, 3 chunky cut carrots, 1 small diced sweet potato, a handfull of chopped mushrooms, 2 handfulls of celery chunks, 7 tablespoons of tomato paste (or a small jar), around 1-1.5L Guinness, 3 beef stock cubes or equivalent real stock, 5 bay leaves, 1 cup chopped flat leaf parsley. Slow cook with lid on for 3-10 hours then remove lid and reduce sauce to thicken when you are ready to eat. If you are after beef and Guinness pies you can pour the stew into pie pots and cover with puff pastry or make a base and lid for a whole pie. Serve with mash.

Whole Free-Range Female Pig 60kg & Over

Was: $6.95/kg
Now: $5.95/kg

Whole free-range pig, you can really taste the difference

Take the pig whole or we'll cut it up for you for no extra charge.

What you get:

  • 2 x Legs - Whole, boneless, diced, pickled and/or chops
  • 2 x Loins - Whole, medallions, cutlets, chops and/or boneless rolled
  • 2 x Bellies - Whole and/or sliced
  • 2 x Spare Ribs - Whole and/or ribs
  • 2 x Forequarter - Whole, boneless, diced, pickled and/or chops
  • 2 x Hocks
  • 2 x Trotters
The price for this product is the price per kg. Please note this product is sold in whole kgs only. Please see other listings for prices for other sizes.

Bacon Schnitzels ( Davie schnitzels)

Was: $18.99/kg
Now: $12.99/kg

Bacon schnitzels are exactly how they sound - delicious! We flour, spice egg wash and crumb our real smoked bacon the old fashioned way.

They are a great meal for breakfast lunch or dinner!



Jordo's Home Made Creamy Beef Stroganoff Pies

$4.40 each

Our tasty home made creamy beef stroganoff pies are made from scratch @ Jordo's and contain no artificial flavourings or additives. Buy some and the quality and flavour will speak for itself.

Note: we rotate our pie flavours so if you see one you like buy a few because you probably won't see them in the store for another couple of months (sounds like a good sales pitch but we ain't lyin'!).

Cooking: Heat in an oven for 20-25 minutes @ 180°c.

Camembert & Cranberry Stuffed Chicken Breast Wrapped In Streaky Bacon

Was: $18.99/kg
Now: $12.99/kg

Hand made right here @ the Chop Shop. The name says it all. We start with a large chicken breast fillet, cut a pocket and fill it with camembert and cranberry sauce and then wrap it in our famous thin cut streaky smoked bacon. They are delicious!

Cooking guide: 35 - 40 minutes (or until brown and firm) in a pre-heated oven at 180°c. Alternatively you can pan-fry or BBQ them with no problems.

Weight: each weighs approx 410gm.

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