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  • Jordos Spicy Bbq Sauce

    Jordo's Spicy BBQ sauce is available in a 200ml + jar. Handmade at Jordo's Chop Shop Wanniassa ACT. Keep refrigerated after opening, consume within 6 months of opening. This delight is biased on our secret recipe bbq sauce with the addition of Habanero chilies and other herbs and spices.

    Starts off tasting sweet and savory then the mild heat chili kicks in

    Tastes like: Smokey heaven, sweet, savory, based on some of the famous genuine deep south USA BBQ rib sauces, but better

    Uses: For marinading meat, basting onto meats while cooking to create a thick sauce glaze on your meats (with a basting or paint brush), basting spit meat while spit roasting, dipping sauce for meal and snack foods, delicious gift.


    CHAR SUM SAUCE, SOY SAUCE, BROWN SUGAR, THICKENER, herbs and spices, Habanero Chilies CONTAINS GLUTEN Learn More
  • Jordo's Old Family Recipe Tomato Beef Casserole

    Ready to cook. Contains beef, carrot, onion, potato and Jordo's old family recipe casserole secret ingredients. TOP 5 - WINTER BEST SELLERS

    Great for slow cookers, stock pot (stove) or casserole dish. Gluten-free.

    Cooking guide - Add one cup of water or red wine per kg, bring to boil then turn down and simmer for 2+ hours.

    Jordo's tip - Feel free to throw anything else you have left over in the fridge into the mix, that's the beauty of winter cooking. A hand full of extra sliced olives also goes very well.

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