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  • Jordo's Bacon Jam - 240gm

    Probably the best thing in the world, Jordo's Bacon Jam can be eaten on crackers, toast, hotdogs and pretty much anything you want to taste amazing.

    Contains: no artificial ingredients, all we can say is: BACON, COFFEE, JACK DANIELS, CHILLI, MAPLE SURUP + 5 other ingredients.

    Allergens: gluten-free, nut-free.

    Note: there may be a little fat at the top of the jar as we hot seal them for health and safety reasons. If you don't want to use the fat, scrape it off and discard.


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  • Hand Sliced Smoked Leg Ham Off-The-Bone - Jordo's Double Smoked

    Jordo's hand sliced double smoked leg ham. Jordo's Ham is hand cured and double smoked right here in our Wanniassa store! Hand sliced butchers ham is like no other, the ham quality is far superior and the imperfect hand slicing adds a dimension to your sandwiches (we really love sandwiches too).

    About: Gluten-free. Contains no artificial additives, flavours or colouring. Low salt.


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  • Mega Pork Meat Pack - 25% Discount!

    This pack features some of our best selling pork products and at a great discounted price.

    •1kg English Pork Sausage  
    •2.2kg Boneless Rolled Pork Loin Roast  
    •2kg Pork Forequarter / Shoulder Chops  
    •2.7kg Real Smoked Bacon  
    •1.7kg Pork Schnitzel (crumbed)  
    •1kg Lean Diced Pork  
    •2.5kg Pork Loin Chops  
    •2kg Premium Pork Mince 90% Fat Free  
    •2.5kg Pork Belly / Rashers  
    •1kg Spanish Chorizo Sausage  

    // Also available: Mini Pork Pack

    Swaps are OK!: We're happy to for you to swap up to two items of your choice, we will automatically swap them to equal value of the swapped items. Please leave your swapped item and packing preference notes in the provided space below.

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  • Jordo's Fresh Spanish Chorizo Sausages - Medium Heat

    Jordo's traditional fresh Spanish chorizo is our #1 no expense spared premium fresh sausage and is our hands down favourite. They can be cooked and served as a whole sausage, can be added to salads or pastas and can be used in many other dishes.

    We are proud to make this entire premium sausage from scratch and use only pork, beef, pepper (3 types), salt, paprika, garlic, red wine vinegar, red wine, brandy (lots) and fennel seed.

    Heat: Medium pepper heat.

    Please not our flavoured sausages come in 1kg frozen packs, please keep this in mind when entering your order quantity. This allows us to keep a large variety of sausage types as well as increasing availability. Our sausages are fresh-frozen as soon as they are made and have a 7 day life once de-frosted.

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  • Jordo's Cabana Chilli Green Pepper Corn

    Hand-made fresh in-store in our gourmet smokehouse. Our most popular and famous smoked product. Probably the most popular product in the whole store. There is a 99% chance this will ruin other cabanossi's for you.

    Each cabana is approx 150-200gm and is mild to medium chili heat.

    Tip - Our cabanas are smoked and cooked so you can eat them as soon as you get them. You can also slice and fry on the BBQ. This greatly alters the taste and the heat of the chilli.


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5 Item(s)

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